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I’ve been in rehab for about 20 years. I am a physiotherapist and I work for Nervenia since 2016 .

My work in Nervenia

I collaborate and compare myself every day with osteopaths and doctors to take care of patients with orthopedic and neurological diseases that involve the peripheral nervous system.

The most challenging moment of my life in Nervenia

I remember in particular a patient suffering from chronic low back pain, with significant pain and even nocturnal paresthesias in the lower limbs, who presented herself in a desperate mood: she had already tried different therapies without any improvement, and was now skeptical of any therapeutic approach.

After only three sessions the nocturnal pain had disappeared and even during the day the patient registered a marked improvement. At the end of the sixth session, all the symptoms had completely regressed. We met again a month after the end of the treatment and found no more neurogenic signs. It was a great satisfaction for me and a great release for the patient!

What I learned in Nervenia

I am fortunate to compare myself daily with doctors and colleagues of great value, which allows me to continually deepen my neurophysiological and neuroscientific knowledge.

What I taught to those who work with me

I have taught my colleagues not to underestimate the neurogenic aspect, especially in patients who often present the same symptoms.