Roberto Bergamo

Physiotherapist and founder of Nervenia

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I have worked as a physiotherapist since 1989 and I graduated in physiotherapy in 2007 with the thesis: “Efficacy of interactive neuromodulation in a case of ulnar nerve entrapment: case report”. I am the founder and president of NERVENIA srl.

My work in Nervenia

I dedicate much of my time to cultural deepening, looking for scientific studies and professional collaborations to improve our treatment guidelines. Neurophysiology is constantly evolving, and this gives us several and very useful cues to improve our approach to painful symptoms

I often meet colleagues in Italy and in Europe, including other medical specialists, with a view to building together new ways of collaboration, in order to offer the patient the most complete treatment.

The most challenging moment of my life in Nervenia

The most difficult case was that of my degree thesis. Precisely because it was the first I faced, with a particular approach, never tried until then. The patient was awaiting intervention, and my moral and professional commitment was not only to obtain scientific material for the thesis, but to make the best possible treatment, trying to avoid surgery. Mission accomplished: patient treated without surgery, dissertation finished!


What I learned in Nervenia

When I started working on the Nervenia project, what struck me was the almost total absence of guidelines for pain problems. Each professional in the field proposed his therapeutic or surgical path in a rigid manner, without adapting it from time to time to the specific problems of the patient. Instead I wanted to create treatment guidelines adaptable to the unique characteristics of each person. Obviously it was a long and assiduous work, which is refined every day in medical and scientific research.

What I taught to those who work with me

It is a continuous exchange of skills, both within Nervenia and with external collaborators. We continuously compare ourselves with new guidelines and their improvements. It is precisely the responses of the collaborators to the news that generate further improvements. This is the engine of evolution.