Sara Bergamo

Logistic supervisor

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I’m Sara Bergamo and I’m the logistic supervisor. I’ve been part of Nervenia since the beginning, when it was still just an idea.

My work in Nervenia

My work is all that does not concern the medical / therapeutic aspect: I manage the appointments, the accounting, the organization of the study. My daily task is answering all the questions, both of the patients and of the colleagues and professionists who collaborate with Nervenia.

What I learned in Nervenia

Nervenia taught me a lot. In addition to professional growth regarding organizational and decision-making responsibilities, my growth has been above all on a human level. Being in contact with patients by phone, by mail and in person, teaches you to deal with them and understand the different approach that everyone has with pain and an innovative physiotherapy technique.

The real challenge lies in gaining people’s trust by accompanying them on their therapeutic path and sharing their own goals.

What I taught to those who work with me

Communication, collaboration and availability among colleagues is fundamental in a work group. It is a continuous exchange of knowledge: I help my colleagues with information of an organizational / logistic nature to make the work flow better, and in the meantime “absorb” technical and scientific information that allow me to be the first interface of patients.