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I am a physiotherapist and I’ve been working for Nervenia since 2015.

My work in Nervenia

Daily assess and treat patients with multiple pathologies. I am fortunate to collaborate with doctors and various types of specialists, from osteopaths to therapists.

The most challenging moment of my life in Nervenia

In Nervenia I have direct contact with patients, who place their health in my hands. I have deep respect for them. They are often exhausted because of chronic pains that affect their lives. More and more frequently I have to deal with feelings of resignation, for disappointments from past ineffective treatments. Conquering their trust and finding the path to their well-being is my daily challenge.

A concrete example concerns a patient with fibromyalgia. She arrived in Nervenia almost without hope: for 6 months she was home from work because of unbearable pain. What we have faced together has been a long, tiring journey and without a doubt one of the biggest challenges since I work in Nervenia. And finally, to see her smile and to hear her say that she has resumed her work and takes long walks every day has been one of the greatest satisfactions of my professional life.

What I learned in Nervenia

Nervenia has raised me so much from a professional and human point of view. It opened my eyes to the fundamental role of neurophysiology in the physiotherapy field. It has revolutionized my treatment methodology. Working for Nervenia is stimulating, as you learn to approach any dysfunction of the human body through neurogenic approach. And I am continually amazed by the results it allows you to get. Each patient is a case in itself, he / she lives different pains and has a peculiar system of pain management. This strengthened my belief that every person needs a highly personalized physiotherapy and human treatment.

What I taught to those who work with me

Communication between colleagues is of fundamental importance for mutual professional and personal growth. The strong communication between us has always allowed me to reach the wellbeing of patients in the best way and in the shortest possible time.

My exchange took place in particular with Lucia: I taught her specific attentions to cases of neurogenic syndromes, and she in turn enriched me a lot, sharing her daily experiences with patients. I had the opportunity to compare with doctors of various specializations who were not aware of this methodology, highlighting indications and therapeutic effects.