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Neuromodulazione strumentale Nervenia

The aim of the Nervenia method is to free the mobility of nerves and surrounding tissues through a specific mobilization called Neurodynamics.

Neuromodulation used alone or in association with Neurodynamics leads to restoring the natural and biological physiology of the nerve so it can perform its task without creating problems, discomfort, pain.

The Nervenia treatment comes from these methods:

  • Neurodynamics: a modality of treatment of the mobility of peripheral nerves, which uses gentle and rhythmic movements to free the nerve from its mechanical and adhesion constraints.
  • Neuromodulation: a specific instrumental therapy for disorders of health, conduction and non-physiological excitability of the nerves, altered by mechanical, traumatic or prolonged irritation.

How does the Nervenia treatment work?

The first moment is the evaluation.

Each patient undergoes a careful initial assessment, which is essential for setting the most targeted treatment on his specific situation. Following the outcome of the evaluation and in agreement with the patient, the number of sessions and the modalities of treatment are established.

Nervenia applies a highly innovative therapy: patients have never performed similar treatments, so they arrive in the clinic with great expectations, but also with great curiosity.

This is why during the session we not only do all the necessary treatments for the resolution of the disease, but we explain to the patient everything we're going to do and what could be the sensations felt during and after treatment.

We wanted to create a world in which the pain of the patient can be cured without causing any more pain and especially evaluating the emotional involvement of the person, who has often already faced other types of therapies and treatments that have not brought benefit.

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