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Nervenia is an innovative physiotherapic treatment system, which focuses attention on the problems affecting the peripheral nervous system which with its ramifications involves the whole body; the peripheral nervous system is also used in Nervenia clinics to give physiotherapic treatments to all the rest of the painful problems, both traumatic and surgical of all body tissues. This work experience is unique in the physiotherapy world and the results obtained far exceed the average of the classic physiotherapy applications we normally know.

When is it necessary to contact Nervenia?

Our treatments are important whenever a nerve has a defect in functioning and mobility towards the tissues that surround it. The scientific definition in the first case is “neurogenic suffering” and in the second one is “nerve entrapment“, in both cases the nerve fails to perform all its usual functions, creating rigidity of movement, pain, tingling or other symptoms peculiar to each specific pathology.

How do nerve problems manifest themselves?

When a nerve has a problem, we rarely see a sudden change that creates the pathology suddenly. It is mainly alterations of its normal functioning that progressively worsens, but in such a slow way that the patient is unable to notice the beginning of this change, but realizes it only when pain or dysfunction occurs.

This is why fixing a problem as soon as possible is crucial to make the treatment faster and more effective, as well as obviously to minimize the patient’s complications and pains.

So we created a protocol that leads each treatment intervention on any pathology.

The Nervenia guidelines

The usefulness of protocols and/or treatment guidelines ensures that each patient receives the most suitable treatment in any Nervenia Clinics, regardless of the operator.

Creating all this took years of study and experience, that’s why Nervenia’s experience uses a lot of studies and scientific articles.

Furthermore we add the continuous research with our presence at conferences and training courses, to constantly improve the quality of treatment offered to patients. At all times Nervenia operators are called upon to update themself, to share their experiences with the rest of the team and to confront with other international experts.

There are currently many neurostimulation practices, many Invasive, meaning carried out by inserting needles into the patient’s body, near the nervous trunks that will then be stimulated; we use Non Invasive neuromodulation where the Nerve is reached through an electric field without the use of needles, with a safer and absolutely painless stimulation. Nervenia operators are graduates in Physiotherapy and are non invasive neuromodulation specialists. Neuromodulation is used in all our treatments because, following our experience, in addition to help the nerve in restoring its physiological functions, it greatly enhances the results of the other physiotherapic treatments proposed, considerably reducing recovery times and functional rehabilitation of painful problems , both traumatic and surgical.

There are many situations in which a nerve can be irritated: a ligamentous or muscle-tendon tension, the outcome of a haematoma, a scar, a muscle contracture, various abdominal adherences or in the system-skeletal system, in the results of surgery or in amputations. Often the nerve can also cause problems, since it can simulate problems that do not actually exist as abdominal pain; it can change the composition of the tissues it innervates giving tendinosis, muscle weakness and alterations of the functioning of the innervated organs.

Often we realize it from the charcteristics of pain, or from the alterations caused and in this case a preventive treatment avoids the onset of more serious problems. The difficulty often lies in identifying the nervous origin of the problem, and only attentive and specialized personnel can hypothesize the origin or involvement of a nerve in a disorder complained of by a patient.

In situations where surgery is required, our treatment proves to be useful both before and after the operation: first to mitigate the pain and eventually prepare the ground for an optimal execution of surgery, after it to avoid the formation of adherences or complications that can create new problems.

The fundamental aspect of the Nervenia system is that the treatments never are invasive: they combine classic kinesiterapic treatments and the mobilization of the peripheral nervous system, with the use of the Deep Nerve Stimulation (DNS), a special type of pulses which act specifically on peripheral nerve tissues.

All Nervenia treatments are based on extensive scientific bibliography, collected over years of studies, in-depth studies and international exchanges.

The purpose of the Nervenia method is to restore nerve function and treatment Nervenia takes the form of these methods:

  • neurodynamics: a modality of manual treatment of peripheral nerve mobility, which uses gentle and rhythmic movements to free the nerve from its mechanical and adherent constraints.
  • neuromodulation: a specific instrumental therapy for health disorders, conduction and non-physiological excitability of the nerves, altered by mechanical, traumatic or irritative stimuli.

The neuromodulation used alone or in association with neurodynamics serves to restore the natural and biological physiology of the nerve so that it can carry out its tasks without creating problems, discomfort, pain.

The evaluation of the problem

In a Nervenia treatment the first step is the evaluation.

Each patient undergoes an accurate initial assessment, which is essential for setting the most targeted treatment for his specific situation. Following the outcome of the evaluation and in agreement with the patient, the number of sessions and the types of treatment are established.

Nervenia applies a highly innovative therapy: patients have never performed similar treatments, so they arrive in the Clinic with high expectations, but also with great curiosity.

For this reason during the session we not only carry out all the treatments necessary for the resolution of the pathology, but we explain to the patient everything we do and what sensations could be felt during and after the treatment.

We wanted to create a world in which the patient’s pain can be fixed without causing more pain and above all by taking into consideration the emotional involvement of the person, who has often already faced other types of therapies and treatments that have not brought him benefit.

Our services


NEURODYNAMICS is a movement-based intervention for peripheral nerve mobility regeneration and improvement, based on gentle and rhythmic therapy for the reduction of nerve adherence.

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NEUROMODULATION is a specific stimulation therapy for health disorders, nerve conduction and non-physiological excitability, due to mechanical, traumatic or irritative causes and lesions.

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Deep Nerve stimulation

DEEP NERVE STIMULATION (DNS) is a particular type of neuromodulation designed by Dr. Roberto Bergamo and developed in the Nervenia centers. DNS acts directly on the nerve system and allows the correct nerve transmission.

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Sutural stimulation

SUTURAL STIMULATION is the latest innovation, conceived by NERVENIA; it is used to correct the problems of sensitization of cranial sutures.

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NERVENIA is a physiotherapy center, which includes a team of healthcare professionals specialized in physical therapy and rehabilitation for orthopaedic problems and trauma, sports injuries, neurological, post-traumatic, rheumatic and post-surgical conditions.

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