Deep nerve stimulation (DNS)

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Deep nerve stimulation (DNS) is a particular type of neuromodulation designed by Dr. Roberto Bergamo and developed and tested with a team of electronic engineers. This technique is used in a unique and advanced way in the Nervenia clinics.

DNS acts directly on the root or on the trunk of the nerve affected by conduction alterations following compression, entrapment or irritation and allows the normal parameters of nerve transmission to be restored through a unique electrical pulse in terms of shape and characteristics.

Why do we work on nerves and what are the functions of nerves?

To explain why we have made nerve treatment our work mission, it is good to know what nerve functions are:

  • the sensory function: all the sensations of our body are conveyed by the nerves and transmitted to the medulla and the brain, where they are evaluated and processed. We generally think of skin sensations: hot, cold, itchy. However, there are thousands of not so clear and immediate sensations such as posture, chemical, hormonal, nutritional and hydration balance that represent a large family of functions monitored by the nervous system and which affect our health and survival;
  • the motor function: once the sensitive information is evaluated by the central nervous system, it designs and programs the appropriate responses and sends them to the body through the nerves. So we decide to excite certain muscles to move, take an object, close the eyelids, take a deeper breath, accelerate the heartbeat, speed up or less the gastrointestinal transit;
  • the trophic function: it represents the function of nourishment of the tissues lead by the nervous system. Bright skin, beautiful hair, efficient muscles and healthy tendons are examples of good nerve function. Sometimes the intake of supplements is not sufficient because the nerves altered in their trophic function fail to order the tissues to use these useful nutrients.

For all these reasons it is essential to have a perfectly functioning Peripheral Nervous System and for this reason Nervenia is specialized in nerve care.

Which other therapies are used in Nervenia centers?

In addition to Deep Nerve Stimulation (DNS), two other radiofrequency based physical therapies can be used in Nervenia centers.

One is applied in the case of acute inflammation with the aim of reducing swelling and edema as quickly as possible as they could create permanent problems to the affected nerves. A common case is that of the hernia in the acute phase.

The other has, instead, a direct action on the adherences, retractions and scars that envelope the nerve and disturb its function. This physical therapy finds greater application in conjunction with mobilization, gymnastics, neurodynamics and Deep Nerve Stimulation (DNS).

The way in which Nervenia uses neurodynamics, makes this manual approach usable not only in the case of nerve entrapments but also in the more common rehabilitation of post-traumatic sports and non-post-operative cases (sprains, periarthritis, prostheses, fractures, surgery of column) and in the case of scoliosis, lumbago, cervicalgia.