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The term physiotherapy indicates a set of preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative practices implemented by the physiotherapist who is, at present in Italy, the only recognized figure in the branch of rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation medicine. The Physiotherapist is defined and recognized by the

Ministerial Decree of 14 September 1994, n. 741 published in the Official Gazette 9 January 1995, n. 6.

Who is the physiotherapist?

The physiotherapist is the health worker, in possession of the qualifying degree, which carries out, independently or in collaboration with other health figures, the interventions of prevention, care and rehabilitation in the areas of motor skills, of superior cortical functions, and of the visceral ones resulting from pathological events, with various etiologies, congenital or acquired.

What are the duties of the physiotherapist?

The physiotherapist:

  • elaborates, individually or in a multidisciplinary group, the definition of the rehabilitation program to identify and overcome the patient’s problem;
  • practice autonomously therapeutic activity for functional rehabilitation of motor, psychomotor and cognitive disabilities using physical, manual, massage and occupational therapies;
  • proposes the use of prostheses and aids for rehabilitation, teaches and trains patients for use and verifies their effectiveness;
  • constantly verifies that the physiotherapy rehabilitation program meets the objectives defined for the functional recovery of the patient;
  • carries out his professional activity in health facilities, public or private, in an addictive or freelance regime;
  • carries out the activity of study, teaching and professional consultancy, in all the health areas where its professional skills are required.

Who is the physiotherapist in Nervenia?

In addition to the professional profile established by law, the physiotherapist who works in Nervenia is required to undergo further training provided by Nervenia itself, aimed at the physiotherapeutic treatment of neurogenic pathologies and the use of the peripheral nervous system as a cornerstone for the rehabilitation of patients, to re-establish the impaired function of the nerves, to reduce pain and to speed up the recovery of the function of an organ or a compromised body system.

How is the problem assessed in Nervenia centers?

The evaluation according to the Nervenia standards is the first and important step of the rehabilitation process: through the reading of the instrumental exams held by the patient and prescribed by his doctor and through manual tests and palpators it is essential to understand which type of approach to follow and where to apply the therapy.

Nervenia centers use their own guidelines, carefully developed with years of experience, to apply two types of approaches in a very personalized way, neurodynamics and Deep Nerve Stimulation (DNS).