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There are diseases that struggle not only to be treated, but also recognized. Fibromyalgia is one of them. It affects women in particular, is caused by an alteration of the nervous system, and has the unpleasant result of creating pain and altered sensitivity in every part of the body.


Fibromyalgia is one of the most common rheumatic diseases, often manifested by pain, stiffness and fatigue, but unfortunately these are not the only symptoms because the aspects involved are not only physical, but also emotional and social. Unfortunately, the commonly used drugs are not very effective, because they act on the symptom, that is localized pain, and not on the cause, that is the problem related to the nervous system.

The causes and development of fibromyalgia

We must consider that the nervous system manages all physical and psychological aggressions, all situations of discomfort of body and mind. For each of these situations it creates a physiological reaction: so when there is a trauma, a pain response is created and when there is a moment of stress, a response is created in the heart rate.

These automatic responses of the nervous system are originated and managed by the so-called neuromatrix, which generate commands and responses that are repeated on all similar occasions; so if there is a situation of pain, a state of inflammation is created that starts the healing process. In some people the reactions are stronger and more immediate, in others weaker and slower. In others, these answers are incorrect. The brain learns from itself, tending to repeat the same answers and the problem may arise from this mechanism.

Fibromyalgia, in fact, is generated when the brain’s response becomes constantly erroneous, transforming every signal (even the harmless ones) into pain or inflammation.

The result is a state of continuous illness, which affects the whole body, sometimes with such intensity that it renders local and symptomatic treatments ineffective.

Cures and remedies

When the brain responds incorrectly and turns every signal into pain, we need to go and dig at the root of the problem and perform a reprogramming of the nervous system.

The treatment with the Nervenia method is therefore aimed not only at treating the painful symptoms, but also and above all at acting on the causes that trigger them, restoring the correct functionality of the nervous system.

Times of effectiveness are not immediate: the problem has originated in years of dysfunction and must be treated progressively, bringing the responses of the nerves back to normal.

The therapy takes place with blocks of 3-4 sessions with a one-month break in between.

The use of neuromodulation with deep nerve stimulation (DNS) is proving to be a very useful therapy to fight against fibromyalgia.

The advantage of this technique is that it is non-invasive and quick to apply, tolerable by all patients without contraindications. We have chosen this technique for we believe it is the one that proves to be the most effective and most customizable to the specific situations of each patient.

As in many fields of intervention, the Nervenia work method is combined and perfectly integrated with the other therapies proposed for fibromyalgia.

We know that fibromyalgia is a multifactorial syndrome, where emotional, pathological, nutritional and social elements are involved. It is therefore essential to act on all these aspects; in fact, we recommend our patients to continue with the already undertaken pathways for the treatment of fibromyalgia and, to those who consult us as first therapists, to consult other specialists to complete the approach to this complex and sometimes extremely disabling condition.