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“I have a terrible headache. No relief!”

Unfortunately it is one of the most common situations, because there are many causes that can give rise to this disorder. Furthermore, migraine treatment normally involves rather long treatment times.

But we at Nervenia have found and tested a really effective new method: sutural stimulation. With this method, when we meet a patient during a migraine crisis, the symptom often decreases within the same therapeutic session or in the next few hours. The complete treatment cycle to give stable results over time is instead slightly longer and varies from patient to patient.

Nervenia treats cases of headache, cervical headache, chronic migraine, golden migraine, headache and cluster headache with proven efficacy.


The causes of migraine can be many: stress, fatigue, poor posture, intense sporting activities, hormonal imbalances, dehydration, poor diet, smoking, the climate and, more difficult to diagnose in general, a suffering of the cushioning function of the sutures cranial.

Cranial sutures join the different bones of the skull and have the function of cushioning the various forces and stresses to which the skull is subjected, including chewing and movements of the cervical spine. Cranial sutures, which have free internal blood vessels and nerve endings, can lose their elasticity, for example due to trauma (a hit to the head), orthodontics (a dental device that also changes the cranial structure imperceptibly) or for maxillofacial surgery.

When a suture does not work perfectly, a feeling of discomfort is created accompanied by headache and migraine.

In the specific case of migraine, the pain, through the irradiation of small nerves starting from the trigeminal nucleus and crossing the cranial sutures to reach various areas of the skull and face, manages to independently create the mechanosensitivity of these same nerves. In practice, gradually these nerves of the skull become more and more sensitive and painful; this mechanism is responsible for the gradual increase in the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks.

We have experienced that acting on the nerves that cross and depart from these sutures allows us to obtain incredibly effective results in terms of pain reduction and frequency of migraine and headache attacks, also of a menstrual nature.

Cures and remedies

Bearing in mind the concept of sensitization of the sutural nerve endings and the treatments classically proposed by the specialists dealing with headaches and migraines, in Nervenia Clinics we propose sutural neuromodulation.

Sutural neuromodulation, or sutural stimulation, is the latest innovation in the physiotherapy field for the treatment of migraine and headache, conceived and codified by Nervenia.

It is possible to verify the efficacy of sutural stimulation during treatment with small palpation tests. Over time we have noticed that sutural neuromodulation can manage not only the headaches, but all the problems related to the cranial part.